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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 15 Summary:

In Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 15, Tanjiro and his friends continue their battle against the demon Daki in the Yoshiwara Red Light District. As they struggle to overcome the demon’s ability to control humans, they are forced to confront their own fears and doubts. Meanwhile, Tanjiro’s sister Nezuko, who had been separated from the group, encounters a young girl named Haruka who has been searching for her own missing sister.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 15 is a gripping episode that explores the psychological toll of fighting demons while also introducing new characters and plotlines. The continued battle against Daki raises the stakes even higher, as our heroes are forced to confront their own vulnerabilities and fears in the face of a powerful opponent. The animation and art continue to be exceptional, with the action scenes and emotional moments rendered with skill and attention to detail. The inclusion of Nezuko’s subplot adds a new layer of emotional depth to the story, as her encounter with Haruka shows the impact that the demon slayers’ battles have on innocent bystanders. The pacing of the episode is well-balanced, with the action and emotional beats given ample time to resonate without feeling rushed. Overall, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 15 is a standout episode that showcases the strengths of the series while introducing new layers of complexity and character development.

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 15

Taking off with Nezuko snoozing in his arms, Tanjiro returns her to her crate and murmur for her to rest tight. Integrating the torn tie with a bunch, he proclaims he will battle as far as possible and conveys her crate again as he goes on a mission to proceed with the battle.

Gyutaro wryly praises Tengen for his looks, three spouses and certain strut, further referencing none of the Hashira he has killed are like him. The semon makes the case he was conceived exceptional, reviling him for being picked ability and trusting he will kill him rapidly. Tengen destroys his words and pronounces he isn’t anybody unique. He ridicules Gyutaro and Daki for their absence of mindfulness living in Yoshiwara their entire lives and that they don’t know anything.

He expresses that Japan is a tremendous nation overflowing with individuals that would fill you with wonder; individuals like Gyomei who are finished puzzlers, and individuals like Muichiro, who turned into a Hashira just a brief time after first holding a blade. Tengen irately guarantees he isn’t picked like them and logically asks the number of lives that has he let fall through his grip, realizing he can never be like the pleased and decent Kyojuro. Gyutaro inquires as to for what reason is he not exceptional when he’s as yet alive, as his Kamas are covered in poison, to which Tengen states he is a shinobi and has created protection from poison. Daki claims the shinobi were cleared out back in the Edo Time, to which he concurs.

The Sound Hashira thinks back on his past; as a youngster he had nine kin. Seven were killed when he was just 15, making his forceful dad subject the rest to merciless preparation; the main two survivors were him and his sibling two years more youthful. He had regarded his spouses as expendables devices to deliver beneficiaries and Tengen eagerly would not be him. At the point when he and his spouses met with a youthful Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the expert considers the troublesome way they had picked. The shinobi had all dismissed the philosophies imparted in them to be Evil presence Slayers, and Kagaya can address how hard it should be for them. However despite this, they endure and keep on safeguarding blameless lives. Kagaya heartily says thanks to him and considers him a “noteworthy youngster.”

Recollecting his words, Tengen proclaims that for Kagaya, he will continuously lay his life for him. Gyutaro looks as Tengen starts breathing harder and taunts him for acting extreme when the toxic substance is to be sure working gradually. Tengen wounds the ground and abundantly denies this, presently completely eager to fight. He whirls his blade into Gyutaro, compelling him and Daki back. He isolates the two by kicking Daki in the air and slicing at her sibling.

As the two combine on Tengen, he throws bombs around himself to battle them off. However Gyutaro evades them, Daki is blown away in the wake of hitting one and is executed by Tengen, to which Gyutaro understands that they detonate with little contact. Tengen swings at Gyutaro, utilizing his fingertips to hold one edge to broaden the other’s reach and cutting the Upper Position’s throat. Daki, understanding she’s been guillotined once more, indignantly reviles herself for continuously being the one to be hit.

Gyutaro claims Tengen he will bomb eventually, as the toxic substance will ultimately kill him. At that point, Inosuke and Zenitsu seem to help him. Daki and Gyutaro gaze in stand amazed at the two preceding they are then joined by Tanjiro. Yoshiwara is emptied completely, the activity drove by Makio and Suma. Hinatsuru recuperates from her trial and gradually advances out the Kirimise. Tengen acclaims the threesome for their “gaudy doors” while Gyutaro ridicules them and cases they will all bite the dust at any rate. Tanjiro understands that Daki is to be sure alive however Gyutaro is discharging a more grounded devilish fragrance and should be the principal unit of Upper Position Six.

Daki claims they can’t win with the Hashira harmed, regrettably. Tengen rather broadcasts they will succeed and dares them not to misjudge people, guaranteeing the three are his splendid Tsuguko. Tengen uncovers he has distinguished that to kill them implies concurrent execution of both, his fervor and will helping Tanjiro to remember Kyojuro, incredibly. Gyutaro taunts their arrangement, as none of the Hashira they face had at any point prevailed with regards to decapitating them; Gyutaro specifically eating up fifteen and Daki having gobbled up seven.

Daki assaults Tengen all of a sudden, yet Zenitsu blocks her obi and utilizations the energy of his assault to jump start the two of them out the house and very high. As Tanjiro shouts to him, Inosuke trains him to disregard Zenitsu, as he and himself will take on Daki, leaving Tengen and Tanjiro with Gyutaro. Arriving on the housetops, Daki acknowledges he is the one she had struck previously. Zenitsu menacingly requests she apologize to the little kid she had harmed, asserting that the young ladies who helped her aren’t her assets.

Daki won’t hear his talk and claims that around here, ladies are stock; they are simply here to be sold, purchased and obliterated. Zenitsu tells her not to push her aggravation onto others; hearing this, Daki claims he is off-base and starts to talk with her and Gyutaro’s voices together.

As one, they state they hurt others and advantage from their obligations, since they can’t compensate for their own mishap except if they gather it from the favored. They guarantee it is their lifestyle, as Daki uncovers Gyutaro’s eye on her brow; they’ve killed each and every individual who blamed them and soon they will slice the throats of the Evil spirit Slayers very much like the others.

Unfit to accept the sheer harmfulness of Gyutaro’s bloodlist, Tanjiro attempts to concentrate that he is presently confronting the genuine Upper Position Six. He intends to safeguard Tengen by responding when the devil moves, just for the Upper Position to unexpectedly rush forward. He attempts to cut Tanjiro in the jaw, compelling Tengen to excursion Tanjiro back and draw in him, while the last option censures himself for being too sluggish and ruining the fight.

As Tengen and Gyutaro exchange blows, they are blocked by Daki’s obi punching into the house. With his eye in her, Daki and Gyutaro start to function as one and sync their assault to battle off every one of the four Devil Slayers. The obi are impeded by Tanjiro however he battles with the sheer number of them. Having joined Zenitsu, Inosuke hears Daki guarantee she is presently at her actual power, to which he advises her to be quieted down for her high pitched voice.

Gyutaro watches Tengen and Tanjiro battle with the obi, while Daki utilizes more to go after her attackers. Inosuke and Zenitsu repel them away, to which Inosuke claims if she needed to demonstrate her solidarity, she can attempt to kill them. Daki joyfully obliges and goes after with significantly greater fierceness. With the sheer number of assaults overpowering the Evil spirit Slayers, the different showdowns become one goliath fight. Tengen is compelled to avoid both the obi and Gyutaro’s Kamas, utilizing his bombs to liberate himself from the surge.

Gyutaro draws in him once more and rapidly overpowers him with his asking mantis-like battling style, causing Tengen to support a few cuts. Utilizing Blood Evil spirit Workmanship: Flying Blood Sickles, Gyutaro dispatches blood cutting edges and they fly in reverse to cut Tengen, however Tanjiro blocks them from hitting him. As he battles with the heaviness of the cutting edges, he recalls that Water Breathing’s adaptability is better protectively and repels the cutting edges from him, liberating Tengen to assault. The Sound Hashira then fights back with Sound Breathing, Fifth Structure: String Execution, annihilating the edges and sending Gyutaro into the roads from the house; Gyutaro ridicules his endeavors and chooses to help Daki with more blood edges.

With Zenitsu and Inosuke presently compelled to keep away from the edges and obi, the two battle to draw near to Daki; Inosuke adds that he can detect the blood sharp edges are incredibly dangerous. Tanjiro joins Tengen and Gyutaro’s conflict by cutting the obi into the ground. Tengen looks as Tanjiro keeps on battling in spite of his profound shoulder wound, acknowledging he may not go on for longer. Tanjiro acknowledges he is losing breath once more and changes to Recuperation Relaxing.

Watching Tengen and Gyutaro fight from a higher place, Hinatsuru shows up with a kunai volley crossbow. She fires the hail of blades at Gyutaro, however he obstructs them with Blood Evil presence Workmanship: Wild Curve Frenzy. Entertained that some had even stuck into Tengen, he is stunned to see him keep on charging forward and cut the two his legs.

Gyutaro is then hit by another kunai in the neck and before long acknowledges they are bound with something wisteria based, since his legs aren’t recovering. Utilizing Tengen’s assault, Tanjiro sees his opportunity and surges in, swinging his sword into Gyutaro’s neck, as the Upper Position compliments him for recovering concentration in a brief time frame.

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