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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 Summary:

In Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14, Tanjiro and his friends continue their battle against the demon Daki in the Yoshiwara Red Light District. However, Daki’s ability to control humans proves to be a significant challenge for the demon slayers, as they are forced to fight not only the demon but also the humans under her control. Meanwhile, Tanjiro begins to experience strange visions and hears the voice of his deceased father, leading him to question his own sanity.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 is a thrilling episode that delivers on the promise of the previous episode’s build-up. The fight scenes between the demon slayers and Daki continue to be impressive, with the added element of the demon’s ability to control humans adding new stakes and tension to the battles. The animation and art continue to be top-notch, with the attention to detail in the setting and character designs adding to the immersion of the story. The episode’s pacing is well-balanced, with the action and emotional beats given enough time to breathe without feeling rushed. The inclusion of Tanjiro’s visions and his questioning of his own sanity adds an intriguing layer of character development and foreshadowing, hinting at future conflicts and revelations to come. Overall, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 is a standout episode that delivers on the series’ strengths while introducing new challenges and complexities for our heroes to face.

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 English Dub

Subsequent to recuperating her leg, middle and left arm, Nezuko rises up out of the rubble. She fills in size, accomplishes plant like examples in her body and a horn on the right half of her head. She charges towards Daki, who naturally cuts her leg and arm once more. Nonetheless, she recuperates right away and hammers her foot hard into the Upper Position’s back.

Pulling in torment from the effect, Daki battles to comprehend how she mended so rapidly, acknowledging past the point of no return that Nezuko’s recovery presently surpasses her own as the new evil presence steps off her left arm; hearing her shout, Nezuko grins cruelly at Daki’s aggravation. As Tanjiro lies oblivious from his conflict with Daki, a dream of a mournful Takeo attempts to get his sibling to stir, saying their sister won’t be the equivalent any longer, making the Evil spirit Slayer rapidly recapture cognizance.

Nezuko severs Daki’s other arm and hardheartedly proceeds with her attack. Daki utilizes her obi to fight off Nezuko, cutting and executing her aggressor. The Upper Position steps back and sends her obi towards the youthful evil spirit, who suddenly stops the assault while still not entire, utilizing her hardened blood to keep up with structure and battle. Unexpectedly, Nezuko’s splattered blood lights, setting Daki burning. Recalling a horrendous occurrence in her life as a youngster, she shouts in desolation as she is cooked alive. Seeing this, Nezuko rejoins the bits of herself and gazes in amuse at Daki’s torture.

Nezuko jumps high up as her Blood Evil presence Workmanship wraps up, throwing her leg down onto the consumed and scared Daki. She drives her down into the ground over and again, prior to kicking her not too far off and pursuing the plunging evil presence with her new speed. Unfit to do anything, Daki is compelled to look as Nezuko brutally kicks her once more, driving the vulnerable devil through a few house with incredible power.

As she moves toward her, Nezuko unexpectedly smells the blood of a harmed observer. As she attempts to retaliate the urge, her teeth chitter as she lets completely go and strolls towards the injured young lady. She surrenders and pushes ahead to kill her when Tanjiro shows up in time, involving his casing as a gag. Nezuko attempts to fend her sibling off, scratching him as he implores her to battle the inclination and apologizes for constraining her into the fight. Detecting that Nezuko’s blood is flung around the area, Tanjiro acknowledges exactly the way in which harmed she is and asks her frantically to pause and rest to recuperate.

She gets down on the ground and jumps into an upper story of the house with Tanjiro on her back. As yet battling the aggravation from his absence of breath utilizing Hinokami Kagura, Tanjiro beseeches her to nod off. Daki enters the scene, her recuperating actually hampered by Nezuko’s fire. With honest lives close by, Tanjiro is compelled to pick between a widespread Nezuko and confronting the Upper Position.

At the point when she utilizes her obi to go after him, Tengen hurries into the house and cuts them before they can hit. The Sound Hashira smoothly inquires as to whether this is genuinely Nezuko, presently “a gaudy evil spirit”. At the point when Tanjiro asks him for help, Tengen can snarl irately at her new state, regardless of showing her protection from people before Kagaya and the Hashira. Daki inquires as to whether Tengen is here to battle her, yet he just advises her to quiet down and claims she is certainly not an Upper Position. As she irately counters this, her head abruptly tumbles off, cut in the neck by Tengen prior.

As Inosuke and Zenitsu remain solitary on the roofs, the previous tirades at neglecting to focus on Tengen. Utilizing his hearing, Zenitsu distinguishes a far off blast and runs towards it, while Inosuke follows after accordingly. As Tanjiro gazes in dismay seeing Daki really decapitated, Tengen reminds him the fight isn’t finished and trains him to control Nezuko. As he indifferently propose singing her a cradlesong, she kicks into the floor and excursions herself and Tanjiro outside.

Acknowledging she isn’t paying attention to him, he requests his mom for help and thinks from a thought. As yet getting control her over, Tanjiro sings a children’s song sung by their mom and holds her hand as she battles. Nezuko abruptly sees herself not in Tanjiro’s arms but rather her mom’s. Kie sings the children’s song and the evil spirit recalls when her family ventured into the mountains.

As they stroll up the mountain, Nezuko gets some information about the tune she sang, guiltlessly contemplating whether her sibling’s eyes were red since her mom had eaten red berries while pregnant, making Kie grin splendidly at her tomfoolery question. Nezuko starts to cry and ultimately controls herself, decreasing and nodding off; depleted, Tanjiro tells their mom she’s at last sleeping. Planning to leave, Tengen hears Daki calling to him, saying he will pay for executing him.

Uninterested, Tengen tells her she is of no utilization to him and to bite the dust “an unflashy demise”. Daki attempts to guarantee she is genuinely an Upper Position evil presence, just for the Sound Hashira to condescendingly inquire as to why she is holding her head. She attempts to guarantee once more she is Upper Six however Tengen doesn’t tune in.

Offended, Daki starts to cry and whimpers that she is Upper Six and she is astonishing. Unfit to accept he’s seeing an evil presence pitch a fit, Tengen unexpectedly acknowledges she isn’t breaking down in spite of being guillotined. As she tirades and pounds the floor out of resentment, Daki out of nowhere calls out for her “sibling”.

At that point, something rises up out of the stump of her neck and develops out her body. Tengen velocities advances to execute the new danger yet the evil presences disappear before his swords could reach. At the point when Tengen pivots, he gazes with sickening dread at seeing two evil presences; Daki’s sibling quiets her crying and mends her consumes in a flash.

Tengen assaults the new devil, obstructing his blow however supporting a slice to the head. As they face one another, the devil praises his face, body and muscle structure. At the point when he guarantees Tengen gets a lot of consideration from ladies, he hooks himself in envy, advising him to pass on a terrible demise. Daki lets her sibling know there are more evil presence slayers, asking he kill Nezuko who consumed her and guaranteeing she attempted to give her all yet “everybody impeded me and harassed me”. He calls harming Daki unpardonable and plans to get his payback, while undermining that Tengen will twirl around as he kicks the bucket, “In light of the fact that I am Gyutaro”.

Gyutaro throws his Kamas towards Tengen, causing an enormous blast and crushing the house. As Tanjiro watches from underneath, he sees the flying Kamas boomerang back inside and abruptly smells Tengen’s blood. To his help, Inosuke and Zenitsu arise to help. Removing Nezuko, he teaches the two to go into the house and help the Hashira. Having halted the assault with his edges, Gyutaro sees this and requires some investment to praises Tengen as “a gorgeous person” and noticing the scared onlookers close to him should accept he is their deliverer. At this, Tengen concurs and adds that he even has three spouses.

Incensed, Gyutaro furiously calls this reprehensible and mixes his blood into his Kamas, prior to utilizing Blood Evil presence Workmanship: Flying Blood Sickles to cut him to pieces. Breaking down the razor dainty blood cutting edges, Tengen sends bombs to blow the evil presences away and annihilate the floor. The Hashira terrains to the base and desires the regular citizens inside to escape. Seeing this, Gyutaro makes his blood edges twist and pursue him, driving Tengen to battle them off as they lock onto him.

As he battles, Tengen acknowledges then exactly the way that strong the kin are and contemplates whether maybe the two of them would bite the dust in the event that Gyutaro is guillotined all things considered. Through his hearing, he filters the house utilizing echolocation and is feeling significantly better to see everybody has escaped. He flings more bombs out of sight and uses his blades to coordinate and initiate them, annihilating the house and thumping Inosuke and Zenitsu to the ground.

After the impact, Tengen leaps up to study the harm and sees a wad of obi land safe. As he comments this mission will not be simple, Daki spreads out her obi while Gyutaro states, “The thing about us, is that we’re two individuals in one!”.

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