Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16

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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16, “Deeating an Upper Rank Demon”, started off on a promising note as Hinatsuru’s intervention created a much-needed opportunity for Uzui and Tanjiro, who were both badly injured.

But things got exponentially worse as the episode went on. The pacing and animation of the episode was fantastic as usual and once again ended on a cliffhanger.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 is a suspenseful and emotionally charged episode that lives up to the promises of the previous episodes. The ongoing battle against Daki is the highlight of the episode, with the action and animation reaching new heights of intensity and creativity. The episode’s focus on Tanjiro and Inosuke’s internal struggles adds a new layer of emotional depth to the story, making their victory over Daki all the more satisfying. The attention to detail in the environment and character design continues to be exceptional, with the grotesque appearance of the demon and the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of the Yoshiwara Red Light District adding to the immersion of the story. The pacing of the episode is well balanced, the action and emotional beats given equal weight and time to resonate. The episode’s conclusion leaves viewers with a sense of closure while also setting up future storylines for the series. All in all, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 is an excellent episode that delivers on the series’ promises of intense action and emotional depth, making it a must-watch for fans of the series.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 began with a recap of Hinatsuro’s surprise attack on Gyutaro with poisoned kunai, allowing Uzui to cut off the demon’s legs before rushing in with Tanjiro to cut off his head. The opening theme was followed by a flashback to the past where the younger Uzui paid his respects to his family shrine along with Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru.

The flashback showed the mutual love and respect between Uzui and his wives and mentioned his deceased brothers and Uzui’s belief that he would one day go to Hell.

The scene shifted back to the battlefield of Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16, where the wisteria poison wore off and Gyutaro instantly regenerated his legs.

Complete with beautiful Ufotable animation, the action sequence began as Gyutaro used his blood demon art to defend against the attack with spinning circular cuts: Flying blood sickles that acted as two vortices surrounding his arms.

Uzui kicked Tanjiro out of reach of the sickles before using Sound Breathing Fourth Form: Constant Reounding Slashes to parry the attacks. But the demon took the opportunity to slip away and took Hinatsura hostage. Seeing his wife in mortal danger caused Uzui to panic, but was attacked by a constant barrage of Daki’s obi and was unable to save her. The intensity of the moment was interrupted by another flashback where Hinatsuru spoke of her wish for everyone to live a peaceful normal life after defeating the higher rank demons and fulfilling their duty as demon slayers, though not all four of them make it. alive. In Uzui’s presence, Tanjira was awakened by an enraged scream, struggling to move with all his injuries. Unable to maintain Hinokami Kagura’s stance, Tanjiro mixed it with water breathing to cut through Gyutar’s wrist, freeing Hinatsuru and creating distance between them.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 shows Tanjiro recalling the fighting style Urokodaki taught him in Demon Slayer Season 1. Gyutaro rushes forward and pushes him into a defensive stance. Uzui attacks the demon from behind while expressing his deepest gratitude to Tanjiro for saving his wife.

However, Gyutaro prevents his neck from being cut by Uzui and Tanjiro’s blade and turns him all the way back to bite into Hashiro’s other sword.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16  English Dub

 Avoiding the rush of kunais, Gyutaro looks as Tengen ducks down beneath his swing and cuts off the two his legs. Struck by a wanderer blade bound with wisteria poison, he is left unfit to mend. Tanjiro and Tengen immediately jump all over their opportunity and swing their sharp edges at his neck, as Hinatsuru watches from a higher place.

In a past visit to Tengen’s family grave, he and his spouses petition God for them. Tengen, deploring that he can’t at any point drink with them, pours purpose on the tombstone and says they can all drink together one day. Every one of the four shinobi then plunk down for lunch. As he eats, Hinatsuru inquires as to whether Tengen still has his kin as a primary concern. He answers that not a day goes by where he doesn’t remember them and it appears to be as of late that he left his home with his spouses.

As she, Suma and Makio gaze in stand amazed at his comment, Tengen asks they eat also. Suma boisterously shouts about the delightful food, making Makio scold her notwithstanding Tengen’s words to dive in. As the young ladies eat, Tengen arbitrarily mumbles that he will push off sometime in the future, causing them a deep sense of shock. He reclaims his words however reminds them they don’t have to upbraid him once more. He gazes at the gravestone and cases he will carry on with “the flashiest life conceivable, for the good of my kin” with his spouses.

An unexpected whirlwind shows up, blowing sakura petals from the trees. Tengen delicately takes a one out of Hinatsuru’s head, making her blush. At the point when Makio requests a similar treatment, she is denied and told she put the petals on herself, to her dismay. Hinatsuru requests the petal from him, gripping it tenderly in her grasp and saying thanks to him energetically. Suma and Makio see this and requests a petal from Tengen too; he comments they can snatch one themselves, making them exasperatedly call him awful, to Hinatsuru’s inconspicuous chuckling.

Hinatsuru looks as Tanjiro and Tengen close in on the Upper Position. Gyutaro powers the kunai out his neck and recovers his legs. The Sound Hashira understands the wisteria poison has previously been killed. Gyutaro comments this toxic substance will sneak up all of a sudden and leaks blood from his arms. Utilizing Blood Evil spirit Workmanship, Turning Roundabout Slices: Flying Blood Sickles, he twirls the blood sharp edges around his kamas. Tanjiro barely misses the turning sharp edges, annihilating his uniform sleeve; Tengen fights back with Sound Breathing, Fourth Structure: Consistent Resonating Cuts, quickly spinning his swords and scattering the blood sharp edges.

Seeing Gyutaro has disappeared, he hears Hinatsuru call to him and sees Daki’s approaching obi. As the obi almost folds over him, Hinatsuru flings a kunai at the scarf and tells Tengen she will draw them to herself alone. At that point, Gyutaro shows up behind her and folds his hand over her mouth; Tengen attempts to save her however the obi block his way and enclose around him. Seeing his better half in peril causes Tengen to assuage another memory; at the point when he was at a dusk lit field with his spouses. Suma watches the dragonflies overhead and comments she might want to be one. Tengen says that is an ostentatious dream, just for Makio to intrude on their visit and upbraid Suma for her outlandishness. As Suma denies her words and tells Makio she loathes her, an entertained Tengen and Hinatsuru watch their quarreling, making her chuckle unobtrusively.

Hinatsuru gets some information about them living as customary individuals after he overcomes an Upper Position; she adds that as they were raised as shinobi, they actually need to make up for the homicides they had committed or live with the lament. She comments that the day it works out, not a solitary one of them might be alive and she tenderly asks him not to take her words excessively hard.

Recollecting her words, Tengen indignantly tears the obi separated and shouts for Hinatsuru to be let be. His supplications alarm Tanjiro and he sees Hinatsuru in Gyutaro’s grip. Reluctant to lose one more honest life , he drives himself to run towards her, regardless of his serious injuries and depleted state. Advising himself to stop continuously being the one to be saved, Tanjiro understands that Gyutaro doesn’t see him as a danger since he is feeble and an unexpected assault could save Hinatsuru. He fights off approaching obis and remarks he can contact her rapidly with Hinokami Kagura.

As he attempts to inhale with the style once more, it causes him agony and he takes note of his drained endurance. Thinking rapidly, he joins Water Breathing and Hinokami Kagura in a tremendous explosion of speed, cuts off Gyutaro’s hand and saving Hinatsuru. Gyutaro is paralyzed by the lightning-quick move and however sees the depleted Tanjiro and accepts he can never again rehash the move.

Tanjiro praises himself for mixing the two styles and the higher assault control over typical Water Relaxing. He remarks that the best fighters just became perfect after they considered and tracked down the style that most appropriate them. He recalls that he was instructed by Sakonji Urokodaki to adjust the style into any structure, and however he can never dominate it like Giyu Tomioka, he takes steps to not allow the examples to go to squander. Gyutaro jumps at Tanjiro and gets ready to kill him, impeding his blade with his left kama and going after with the right. Tengen shows up out of nowhere and shouts that Tanjiro has his appreciation, as he swings his sword into Gyutaro’s neck.

Somewhere else, Inosuke and Zenitsu battle with the sheer measure of obis to pay special attention to. Inosuke turns out to be strongly irritated that he is likewise incapable to go after them straightforwardly, with the obi being excessively slithery and difficult to cut. Sent off up high by Daki, he overreacts seeing Tengen going to connect with Gyutaro; Zenitsu cautions him of an approaching obi and he barely avoids it.

Acknowledging they would have to get to Daki and removed her head as well, an enraged Inosuke starts to charge towards her, sporadically smacking the obis away. In any case, he is constrained back once more and Zenitsu advises him to quiet down, as they actually need to go after regardless of Tengen and Tanjiro executing Gyutaro, making Inosuke comment about his companion’s abrupt earnestness.

Tanjiro swings his sword along with Tengen yet Upper Position Six blocks the cutting edges with his kama, ridiculing them for accepting they could guillotine him. Tissue from the kamas joins to their edges and the two can’t free them. Utilizing his subsequent sharp edge, Tengen attempts to guillotine him once more yet Gyutaro contorts his head and clenches down onto it.

With the two secured, Gyutaro leaks more blood again into one more flood of Turning Roundabout Slices. As Tanjiro and Hinatsuru hold on, Tengen pulls himself and Gyutaro away from them, sending the two to the ground, where the blood cutting edges burst and almost hit Tanjiro and Hinatsuru. With Tengen battling the evil presence alone, they shout to him however are abruptly cautioned by Inosuke as the obi currently meets on them. He and Zenitsu battles them off while the two contingency plan.

With Inosuke exasperated that the obi is driving them to change strategies, Zenitsu advises them that Daki is as yet more vulnerable than Gyutaro and they can execute her. Inquiring as to whether Tanjiro can in any case move, he is replied when Tanjiro evades being covered again with his Water Relaxing. Out of nowhere, blood edges fly and almost hit him, causing Tanjiro to understand that Gyutaro is still effectively going after him while battling Tengen. Hinatsuru retreats to somewhere safe, while Daki cheerfully takes note of that their developments are currently more slow.

Inosuke mourns that with Tengen and Tanjiro both severely injured, it depends on him and Zenitsu; recollecting all their preparation since Kyojuro’s demise, he indignantly states it was totally supportive of nothing. Tanjiro lets him know it will bring unbelievable speed to bring down Daki and they would have to slice her from different bearings or hazard falling flat.

Looking as the obi closes around Tanjiro, Inosuke sees the assault is apparently dialing back also. Revived, Inosuke jumps out of sight and redirects all the obi around him. As he shouts it really depends on him being the double wielder to go after in different bearing, he proclaims that them three will beat her. Tanjiro recognizes the arrangement and illuminates Zenitsu the two of them will shield Inosuke from the obis, which he recognizes. Daki hears this and rejects that adding one more “revolting oddity” would mean they could beat her. She dispatches significantly more obis towards the triplet, sending them back. As Tanjiro shouts to Inosuke, he tells them not to be late as he gets ready to lead the assault.

With the obis diverted by his companions and his way liberated, Inosuke takes in profound, reinforces his body, and uses Monster Breathing, Eighth Structure: Unstable Rush. As he speeds towards the obi evil presence, he is saved from getting sliced by Tanjiro and Zenitsu flanking his sides. Charging behind Inosuke, Tanjiro utilizes Water Breathing, Third Structure: Streaming Dance and leads on, while Zenitsu at the same time utilizes Thunder Breathing, First Structure: Thunderbolt and Glimmer, Eightfold; together, the two kill every one of the obis in Inosuke’s way. He proceeds with the charge to his objective and overlooks supporting numerous slices to zero in on his objective.

Unfit to hit him moving excessively fast, Daki is compelled to look as Inosuke swings both of his swords into her neck. As she lets him know it’s absolutely impossible that he can guillotine her, Inosuke utilizes 6th Tooth: Palisade Chomp, cutting the chipped sharp edges and executing Daki. As her head falls, Inosuke gets it and runs away to keep her from reattaching it to her body. At the point when the obi pursue him, Tanjiro and Zenitsu repel them from him, while Inosuke teaches them to help Tengen. As he takes off with Daki’s cut off head, she requests he let her go and attempts to snatch the Devil Slayer with her hair. He cuts them away and calls her assaults faltering, irritating her.

All of a sudden, Gyutaro shows up and wounds him through the chest from behind with his kama, recovering his sister’s head all the while. As a stunned Tanjiro watches from a remote place, he understands Inosuke is presently both injured and harmed. Thinking about how Gyutaro figured out how to contact him, he searches for the Sound Hashira, and he gazes with sickening dread at seeing Tengen’s cut off left hand and oblivious body.

Too delayed to even think about responding, Tanjiro hears Zenitsu unexpectedly shouts to him as the area shines brilliantly. Daki’s obi slices into the encompassing houses as Zenitsu drives Tanjiro away from the assault’s way. Tanjiro advises his companion to disregard him, as he mourns his absence of center has prompted Inosuke and Tengen both getting mortally injured, saying ‘sorry’ to everybody and Nezuko.

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