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 In the twenty-third episode of Demon Slayer, the organization of demon slayers holds a meeting of the Hashirs, an elite group of demon slayers who are the strongest and most experienced in the organization.

During the meeting, Tanjiro and his friends learn about the history and traditions of demon slayers. They also witness the tension and conflict between the Hashiras as each member has their own ideals and beliefs about how best to fight demons.

Demon Slayer Season 1 Episode 23 is a slower installment that focuses on world building and character development. This episode provides a deeper understanding of the demon slayer organization and the motivations of its members.

The animation in this episode is once again impressive, with beautiful visuals and moments of quiet introspection that add emotional weight to the story. The use of lighting and color also gives Hashiro’s encounter a sense of grandeur and importance, making it feel like a significant moment in the show’s mythology.

The emotional depth of the show is also present in this episode as we see Tanjiro and his friends confront the reality of the demon world and the conflicts between its members. Their questioning of Hashir’s methods and beliefs is thought-provoking and adds a layer of complexity to the series’ themes and characters.

Overall, Demon Slayer Season 1 Episode 23 is a welcome respite that showcases the show’s strengths in world building and character development. It leaves us eager to see how Tanjiro and his friends will continue to navigate the complexities of their world and the conflicts within the demon slayer organization.

Demon Slayer Season1 Episode 23

As Sanemi keeps on wounding Nezuko through her crate, Tanjiro shouts and asks for him to stop. She rises up out of the crate, salivating as she gazes at the draining Hashira. He prods her into going after him, waving the aroma of blood right in front of her as the remainder of the Hashiras watch. Shinobu sees that Obanai is driving his elbow harder into Tanjiro’s back and requests that he back off, however he guarantees it is to prevent him from moving. She cautions Tanjiro not to utilize breathing procedures while his lungs are being pushed down or his veins could explode; Tengen hears this and cheerfully requests it to work out: ” I like it! Sounds ostentatious!”, causing Mitsuri a deep sense of’s anxiety. Gyomei calls Tanjiro a feeble, terrible youngster and feels sorry for his spirit.

As Nezuko battles to keep herself intact, to Sanemi’s satisfaction, Tanjiro compels himself to inhale and effectively breaks his limitations, stunning Shinobu and Obanai. As he rushes to his sister, Obanai is gotten by Giyu to prevent him from meddling. Realizing he can’t genuinely stop Nezuko, Tanjiro shouts to his sister.

Nezuko sees herself back in the cold woodland where she changed, with herself and Tanjiro under Giyu’s control. She hears his request that she is unique in relation to different devils. More recollections of her family show up and she unexpectedly hears Sakonji Urokodaki’s message to her: ” Safeguard people”, and she reviews the words as Tanjiro shows up before her. ” People are to be safeguarded and saved. I won’t ever harmed them.”

Before everybody, Nezuko gets some distance from Sanemi’s blood and opposes the allurement, to his shock and Tanjiro’s alleviation. The Expert, being visually impaired, asks what occurred; his associate illuminates him that Nezuko has dismissed Sanemi’s provoking, turning away in disdain, and notwithstanding being cut multiple times had the option to control herself. He is satisfied that it is demonstrated she won’t go after people. Obanai pulls his hand away from Giyu and requests to understand what he is doing.

The Expert then, at that point, addresses Tanjiro; he illuminates the Demon Slayer that there will be the people who will in any case not acknowledge Nezuko and request that he demonstrate to them, that he and Nezuko can battle as Demon Slayers. Tanjiro rapidly kneels as he hears his words, noticing the drifting inclination and quieting voice of the Expert. He advises the kid to overcome a Twelve Kizuki and demonstrate his value, permitting others to genuinely acknowledge and take him. Tanjiro promises that he and Nezuko will overcome Muzan Kibutsuji as a general rule, however the Expert begs him to begin little with a Twelve Kizuki, actually being unprepared. Gotten up to speed in his certainty, Tanjiro embarrassedly concurs, to Mitsuri and Shinobu’s giggling.

The Expert lets him know that the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps are marvelously talented and have resisted passing through repulsive preparation and overcoming Twelve Kizuki evil presences. He states they get extraordinary treatment and sympathetically requests that he stay on his best possible behavior while talking. Tanjiro recognizes their significance and concurs with his message. At long last, the Expert tends to Sanemi and Obanai, tenderly asking not to torture those more vulnerable than them to an extreme; however reluctant, the two regardless consent to his desires and recognize them.

With Tanjiro’s preliminary got done, Shinobu moves forward and offers to take the two kin to her home. She flags for them to remove them, however a Kakushi is reluctant to move toward Nezuko. Another rapidly quits Expert and the Hashiras, prior to getting Tanjiro and rapidly leaving the scene, with the second Kakushi close by with Nezuko’s container. As the Hashira meeting is going to begin, Tanjiro suddenly hinders them and requests the Expert’s authorization to head butt Sanemi once more. The Kakushi nail him down and request him to be calm yet he wishes to head butt him however many times as he had cut Nezuko, thinking that it isn’t against the Corp rules.

As he keeps on battling against the Kakushi’s hold, three rocks fly towards Tanjiro all of a sudden, hitting him in the head and wrecking him. Muichiro, who flung them, tells him not to interfere with the Expert; the Kakushi more than once bow in statement of regret to the Expert and Muichiro, while Mitsuri is astonished at him being “so cool”. As Tanjiro is removed a subsequent time, the Expert requests that he “give Miss Tamayo my respects”, shocking the Demon Slayer.

As they take off from the base camp, Tanjiro tells the Kakushi he heard him notice Tamayo’s name. All things being equal, the female Kakushi requests him to be calm and rebuffs him, scared from being shouted at by the Hashira. She and the male Kakushi let him know what he has done is reprehensible and request a conciliatory sentiment, passing on him to apologize discreetly.

The Kakushi in the end arrive at Shinobu’s home, the Butterfly Chateau, however see as nobody at the front. They choose to stroll to the back; the man conveying Tanjiro advises him to stroll all alone, however he answers that his body is as yet throbbing. He sees the various butterflies giving its name and they ultimately see a little kid toward the back. The Kakushi see her and acknowledge she is a Tsuguko. She is Kanao Tsuyuri; Tanjiro unexpectedly perceives her as the sole young lady who endure Last Choice. He lets the Kakushi know this yet he doesn’t really accept that him, maybe accepting he had failed to remember it was Kanao who thumped him oblivious on Mount Natagumo. He tells Tanjiro she is a Tsuguko; a fighter prepared by a Hashira, and that main those with astounding abilities and ability become picked.

The female Kakushi approaches Kanao and illuminates her they showed up compelled. After requesting consent to enter, she is disregarded by Kanao not talking a word. Marginally befuddled, she inquires as to whether she minds however gets no response once more. Unexpectedly, a boisterous voice asks who they are, surprising the Kakushi and Tanjiro. The young lady who shouted to them sees they are Kakushi and guides them into the house. Inside the emergency clinic ward, Zenitsu finds he should accept horrendous tasting prescription five times each day for quite a long time, to the worry of a specialist. However he knows his arms and legs can recuperate by taking it, he actually requests to know how and why. The young lady driving the Kakushi sees him griping noisily once more, while Tanjiro is feeling much better to see his companion once more.

The young lady irately reminds him he has been made sense of various times already to take his medicine and takes steps to tie him up would it be a good idea for him he grumble once more, prior to leaving. Tanjiro inquires as to whether Zenitsu is OK, acknowledging he really entered the backwoods of Mount Natagumo. Zenitsu uproariously retells how he was stung by a bug and is currently being shouted at by that young lady. Tanjiro takes a gander at him closer and on the off chance that he had gotten “more modest”; Zenitsu answers by talking about his close to change into an insect, as snot swings from his nose to the Kakushi he had crying on, revolting him. Tanjiro gets some information about Inosuke and Murata’s whereabouts. Zenitsu doesn’t have any idea who Murata is nevertheless focuses to Inosuke, who is lying in the bed close to him.

Tanjiro takes a deep breath and relax, creeps to Inosuke’s bed, and apologizes for being not able to save him. Replying in a frail and coarse voice, Inosuke lets him know stressing over it is fine and not. Tanjiro is stunned to hear him talk and Zenitsu replies with how he found out about him losing his voice through being hit in the neck and shouting as loud as possible, yet stays uncertain of the subtleties.

He then, at that point, expresses that Inosuke being discouraged has made him quiet and delicate, to Zenitsu’s joy, driving Tanjiro to inquire as to why he is chuckling creepily. Inosuke apologizes for being powerless, driving the two of them to give inspirational statements, Tanjiro expressing that he is blissful just to see him alive. Unexpectedly, Zenitsu worriedly inquires as to whether they had seen him take his morning prescription, reluctant to taste it once more and shouting at his wretchedness.

With him and his companions in bed and resting, Tanjiro discusses his appreciation to see them alive. As night falls, he shuts his draperies and opens Nezuko’s crate, permitting her to leave the room she has been furnished with. At the point when he endeavors to sit on the bed, Tanjiro slouches over in torment, driving him to acknowledge how seriously harmed he got on Mount Natagumo. He thanks his sister for safeguarding him, expressing it was her as well as Sakonji and Giyu putting their lives in danger for them. As he reaffirms his objective to get more grounded, he recalls the Expert, and how his voice appeared to be so mitigating and caused his head to feel light. Yet again nezuko in the end nods off, and Tanjiro vows to transform her back into a human.

That evening, during the gathering at the Central command, the Expert, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, meets with the Hashira to examine the danger of evil presences; as they have announced, expanding harm brought about by them will unavoidably prompt human existence under danger like never before. Sanemi remarks that the episode on Mount Natagumo has shown that the expertise of Demon Slayers has plunged incredibly, considering a large portion of them futile.

At the point when he contemplates whether the coaches could figure out whether somebody could basically be skillful, Tengen tongue in cheek advises him that Tanjiro handled “that ostentatious blow on you”, acquiring his rage. Shinobu adds that as the human populace develops, it would become more diligently to bind together them all. Gyomei states that since just those whose friends and family were killed by evil spirits decide to join the Corps, or have done as such through ages, they can’t just have individuals without the drive or make plans to do so go along with them and would be brutal to ask such of laymen.

Kyojuro rings in that Tanjiro experiencing a Twelve Kizuki just a short time subsequent to joining could mean he has the ability to draw them, jealous since even they seldom get to confront them. Kagaya takes note of that Lower Five’s exceptional activities imply that Muzan isn’t close to Mount Natagumo, alluding to the episode in Asakusa and how he causes to notice cover his tracks.

However baffled at how evil presences proceed to unreservedly gobble up people and get more grounded, Kagaya communicated his confidence in them, accepting he has gathered the most grounded Hashiras since the medieval time. Individually, he says the names of all the Hashiras and states he anticipates their prosperity, tending to the fighters as his “kids”. After the gathering, left alone to himself, Kagaya swears that he will overcome Muzan Kibutsuji, regardless of whether it’s the last thing he’ll do, and that they will bring him down as a matter of course.

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