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 In the twenty-second episode of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro and his friends are sent on a mission to investigate a mansion that is said to be haunted. They soon discover that the mansion is controlled by a powerful demon who manipulates the residents for his own gain.

During the fight, Tanjiro and his friends realize that the demon may have once been human and must face the fact that not all demons may be purely evil.

Demon Slayer Season 1 Episode 22 is a thrilling and suspenseful entry in the series that deepens the show’s mythology and raises important questions about the nature of good and evil. Introducing a demon who may have once been human adds a new layer of complexity to the show’s mythology, making it even more complex and fascinating.

The animation in this episode is once again impressive, with beautiful visuals and dynamic fight scenes that keep the viewer engaged. The use of lighting and color also adds a sense of tension and urgency, giving the action a sense of danger and intensity.

The show’s emotional depth is present in this episode as well, as we see Tanjiro and his friends confront the reality that not all demons may be purely evil. Their questioning of their own beliefs and demon slayer ideals is thought-provoking and adds a layer of complexity to the series’ themes and characters.

Overall, Demon Slayer Episode 1 22 is another excellent episode that delivers both action and emotional depth. It leaves us eager to see what other challenges and adversaries Tanjiro and his friends will face in their quest to become demon slayers and how they will continue to grapple with the complexities of their world.

Demon Slayer Season1 Episode 22 plot

In an obscure area, an oblivious and controlled Tanjiro lies in a stone nursery. A Kakushi orders him to awaken and he shocks up to see fighters before him. One of them discusses his failure in seeing him, having heard an Evil spirit Slayer was going with a devil and accepting they would be somebody flashy. Another concludes they ought to all put him being investigated. A young lady among them is dazed to see him safeguarding his evil spirit kin, flabbergasted by their kin love. At the point when Tanjiro attempts to ask what their identity is, the Kakushi drives his head into the ground, telling him not to talk as he is within the sight of the Hashira. Confounded at what a Hashira is, Shinobu, who is among them, lets him know he is in the Evil presence Slayer Central command and will presently be placed being investigated.
Shinobu requests that Tanjiro make sense of his wrongdoing yet is intruded on by the boisterous and pleased Fire Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku; he states it is a reasonable infringement to safeguard an evil spirit and they are permitted to apportion equity. He is joined by the erratic Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. He offers to execute Tanjiro “ostentatiously” and declares he will show “the most flashy blood splash you’ll at any point see”.
In the interim, the Affection Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, is reluctant to kill “such a delightful kid” and is reluctant to act. Gyomei Himejima, the bulky Stone Hashira, rather sees him as abandoned and feels sorry for that he was conceived. The Fog Hashira then again, Muichiro Tokito, is looking and marveling at the state of a cloud overhead, overlooking the circumstance.
At the point when Tanjiro checks out the nursery, the Kakushi asks him for what valid reason is he disregarding the Hashira, expressing they are the nine most impressive fighters in the Evil spirit Slayer Corps. Gyomei concludes they ought to kill him and his choice is joined by Kyojuro and Tengen. Tanjiro searches for Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Murata however can’t see them. One Hashira rather needs to address Giyu; Tanjiro investigates the trees and sees somebody, who states he is irritated at seeing him intemperate as Shinobu said that Giyu had disregarded the principles also. He is the Snake Hashira, the cold and cruel Obanai Iguro. Obanai asks how might they rebuff him and inquires as to whether he has anything to say to shield his activities.
Giyu, uncovered as the Water Hashira, doesn’t answer Obanai’s inquiry. Shinobu, the Bug Hashira herself, demand they can manage him later since he eagerly went along. All things considered, she is interested about Tanjiro’s story, needing a clarification in spite of the unmistakable infringement of the standards. She clearly asks him for what valid reason he is going with a devil as an Evil spirit Slayer. However he is given adequate chance to make sense of, Tanjiro endeavors to say who the evil presence is however at that point battles to talk and relax. Shinobu gives him cured water to assist with the aggravation; she asks him not to propel himself as his injuries have not recuperated at this point.
Tanjiro recounts his story; the evil presence is his more youthful sister. At the point when he was away, his family was gone after by a devil and Nezuko was changed. Regardless of this, she has never gobbled up anybody. That’s what obanai states on the off chance that she’s family, he will clearly guard her and doesn’t trust his cases. Gyomei, after hearing that she was changed, adds that they should kill her as well, “so she can be freed”. Tanjiro implores them to tune in and makes sense of he turned into a fighter to find a solution for Nezuko, adding that she has not eaten up anybody for quite a long time. Tengen counters that his story needs anything flare and assuming he is going to request his case, he ought to zest it up a little.
Tengen requests him to show off his abilities “with max ostentatiousness”. Muichiro disregards them, rather looking and pondering a bird he sees hovering above him. Nonetheless, Mitsuri is uncertain they can continue, not accepting “the Expert” knows nothing about the circumstance and inquiring as to whether they can act without his consent. Seeing them as yet reluctant to tune in, Tanjiro claims she can take on close by him in conflict and safeguard individuals as a Devil Slayer. They are then joined by somebody conveying Nezuko’s case. He partakes in the strained circumstance and put-downs Tanjiro as “the blockhead Devil Slayer with an evil presence”. The Breeze Hashira, the forceful and reckless Sanemi Shinazugawa, gruffly asks what he is attempting to do.
Tanjiro making Sanemi drain with a headbutt
Tanjiro head butts Sanemi.
A Kakushi beseeches him to put down the crate and Shinobu gets up, with Mitsuri seeing her bizarrely irate. Shinobu asks him not to misbehave. All things considered, Sanemi claims Tanjiro’s assertion about her battling to safeguard people is a “all out daydream”, manically drawing his blade and cutting into the container, injuring Nezuko in the shoulder. Tanjiro gets up and claims he won’t allow anybody to hurt Nezuko, Hashira or not.
Sanemi taunts his statements, making Tanjiro run towards him. Giyu then declares that the Expert is showing up; stunned, Sanemi loses focus and misses his swing, permitting Tanjiro to jump very high and head butt him square in the temple, wrecking him.
Everybody is stunned to see somebody assault Sanemi; Obanai intellectually noticed that Giyu’s eruption was reasonable an interruption, yet Tanjiro actually figured out how to get a blow in and is dazzled. Tanjiro remains before the case and claims he ought to stop being a Hashira on the off chance that he can’t see the contrast among great and terrible evil presences. Sanemi gets his edge and takes steps to kill him when they are interfered with by the Expert’s appearance. A visually impaired and wiped out looking man shows up; directed by his two assistants, he advances before the Hashira.
The Expert remarks on the decent climate and states he is satisfied they have come to their semi-yearly gathering. Tanjiro ponders the man’s appearance and prosperity yet is out of nowhere moved to the ground by Sanemi. He then, at that point, sees the other Hashira bowing to the Expert. Sanemi persuasively offers him good tidings, satisfied about seeing him healthy and wishing favorable luck through constant supplications, to which an unnerved Mitsuri murmurs that she needed to offer her own comparable good tidings to the Expert. Sanemi gets some information about Tanjiro, who is stunned to see him talk with formal jargon when he at first seemed brutish. The Expert apologizes to them for the circumstance however startlingly uncovers he has endorsed Tanjiro and Nezuko’s conditions, adding that he would like them to acknowledge it also.
Gyomei states he can’t concur, in spite of realizing it is the Expert’s goal. Tengen agrees with him however Mitsuri rapidly acknowledges his desires. Muichiro states that he is probably going to forget one way or another, so he will be fine one way or the other. Shinobu and Giyu stay quiet, Obanai stays wary of the kin, and Kyojuro extravagantly goes against the Expert’s choice. Sanemi demands for both Tanjiro and Giyu to be rebuffed.
With his responses, the Expert requests one of his helpers to peruse a letter. She makes sense of this letter was given by a previous Hashira, Sakonji Urokodaki. Perusing a compressed rendition, the letter makes sense of his desire for consent for be conceded that would permit Tanjiro to accompany Nezuko. Because of her tough mental strength, she hasn’t lost her human feelings. Nezuko has never eaten up anybody for quite some time, even while harmed.
Sakonji makes sense of that in the repercussions of when she goes after somebody, Tanjiro, himself, and Giyu will offer penance by committing seppuku. Tanjiro destroys seeing Giyu subsequent to learning of his eagerness and dedication to safeguarding Nezuko. Sanemi rejects their commitment and states they can bite the dust notwithstanding, adding that it guarantes nothing. Kyojuro concurs and remarks that her killing a human is irreversible.
The Expert concurs that it doesn’t know she won’t assault however adds that it is additionally uncertain that she will, refering to the way that Nezuko has abstained for a long time. With three individuals putting their lives in extreme danger for her objective, the Expert entreats the Hashira to attempt a really persuading contention; at this, Sanemi and Kyojuro become reluctant.
The Expert then, at that point, adds one significant truth; Tanjiro has met Muzan Kibutsuji. The Hashira are in dismay, with Tengen in any event, expressing that they have not encountered him. He gets some information about his appearance and powers, with Muichiro inquiring as to whether he battled him. Sanemi’s approach to asking includes taking care of Tanjiro’s head by his hair and assaulting him with questions. At the point when he and Tengen speak loudly in a contention, the Expert serenely flags for them to be quiet, driving the Hashira to stop their scrutinizing and quietness themselves. He expresses that Muzan had sent evil spirits after Tanjiro; however it could be basically to kill him, the way that he had uncovered himself interestingly can’t be ignored.
The Expert additionally accepts that something happened to Nezuko that even astonished the Evil presence Begetter. He inquires as to whether the Hashira grasp their significance however they don’t answer. Sanemi shouts out and clashes; he obtusely expresses that in the event that Nezuko were as yet human, he would approve of saving her, yet it is totally unsatisfactory to allow an evil spirit to reside considerably less house one, particularly not with all the Devil Slayers have carried on with and the endless existences of people lost due to evil presences. He abruptly draws his blade and cuts his lower arm, stunning everybody. Sanemi plans to validate an evil presence’s temperament before the Expert. He permits his blood to drop onto Nezuko’s case and insults her, the blood leaking through the wood and falling on her hand, making the evil presence moan.
As Tanjiro shouts to her, Obanai adds that it probably won’t be shrewd to do it in the daylight, encouraging him to do it in the shade. Sanemi apologizes to the Expert for his inconsiderateness and jumps into the Base camp, prior to continuing to cut Nezuko once more. Tanjiro shouts to Nezuko yet Obanai jumps up and pummels his elbow into his back to hold him down.
Sanemi wounds her a third time and opens the case. Before everybody, Nezuko rises out of the case and gazes at Sanemi, salivating subsequent to smelling his blood.

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