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 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 11 titled “Connected Bond: Daybreak and First Light” begins with Genya, Nezuko, and Tanjiro searching for Hantenga. Tanjiro worries that Mitsuri is tired as the sun approaches. His injured left leg slowed him down, but he suddenly remembered what Zenitsu had said in King’s Breath about focusing on his legs.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11

He then focused all his energy on her. The energy was injected into the other leg, passing Genya and Nezuko and reaching Hanten. He cut its neck, but before he could cut its neck, the dog suddenly doubled in size. He strangles Tanjiro and Genya struggles to escape his grasp.

Nezuko burns Han Teng to death with blood magic and Genzai saves Tanjiro. However, when Zegna realized that he had eaten a devil, he started to burn. He saw Tanjiro shoot, but the assassin continued to slash Han Tenga’s neck.

The monster escaped from the cliff, Tanjiro was still holding on to it. Nezuko follows them and they fall. Hantengu’s arms were broken, and the Elephant was always worried that it would not be able to regenerate as he used his strength more during the day. People should eat well. As Tanjiro was walking with his sword stuck in his throat, he heard someone’s voice. But it was only Tanjiro hanging on the tree that scared her.

Anxious Hantengu saw three swords and ran after them. Tanjiro escapes and finds Nezuko unconscious. Suddenly he heard a 300-year-old sword being thrown at him. Hazuka gets angry, hits Tokito, and warns Tanjiro that he only increased his level in the first half. However, when people told him to catch Hantenga before sunrise, he fainted.

Tanjiro once again used all the power of Zenitsu to reach Hanten and cleverly cut his throat. He saw the sunrise and tried to escape from Nezuko. He couldn’t talk or warn him that he would die if the sun reached him. He started running towards her and was afraid. When he pulled her away he kept pointing behind her and was confused. When he turned, he saw Han Tengu’s severed corpse still chasing the swordsman.

He realizes that the word in his head is “Garget” and says that he is a clone because his original body had the word “Coward”. The sun burns your beans as you’re about to attack. Tokito is unconscious while Xuanzai remains at the top of the cliff. Tanjiro knew that even if the demon was cowardly exposed to fire, he would not be able to reach Hanten with your Douzi.

He couldn’t let his sister die, but you Douzi kicked him to Han Teng. Your bean still remembers the time they spent together after he turned into a monster. He closed his eyes and cried, but swore that his sacrifice would not be in vain. He smelled the old body and saw that it was hidden in the battle clone’s heart. Just then, the clones captured the swordsman. Tanjiro was fast and ripped it into pieces, causing the old body to fall.

Is Han Tengu really satisfied?

At that moment, Han Tengu’s life flashed before his eyes. The blind man asked him why he was stealing from their fortune. Human Hantengu pretends to be blind and cries saying that it is not his fault but his hand. Before the blind man could call the police, Han Tengu shot him. >He also noticed that he could see Hantenga. He claims that he cut off his hand because he was a criminal. Later, Han Tengu meets Wuzan, who agrees to help him. He’s talking about a goddamn judge who says he’ll make Hantenga pay for his sins.

Is your bean dead?

He started crying for you but suddenly the swordsman told him to come back. He was surprised to see that Douzi was still alive and his burns had healed. A piece of bamboo fell into his mouth and he said, “Good morning.” She tried to talk but she said she was fine. He was happy she was alive and hugged her when she cried. The gunners also started to cry, but the surprised Xuanya smiled. Tanjiro is doomed, but I’m glad he’s okay.

Now Mitsuri is still trying to fight the dragon. He believed that if the dragon swallowed him, he would die. Suddenly Shiro and Ryu disappear and he realizes that Tanjiro killed Han Tenga.

What is Muzan looking for? 

Elsewhere, a woman and her husband ask their son Li Guo if he is okay after seeing his room in disarray. He was there to help her find the book she was looking for. The boy discovers that he is Wuzan in disguise and learns from Hanten that Nezuko can survive in the sun.

He killed his mother and laughed because he knew he no longer needed to find the Blue Spider Lily. When Wu Kai returned to his original form, the woman looked very scared and happily said that after eating your beans, she could finally stand the sun. When the servant cried and begged, he killed her and left.

What is the origin of Muzan?

Wuzan remembers that it all started 1000 years ago. In flashbacks, he is upset that his doctor is a liar, but he is the only one who knows how to save him from his illness. Wuzan listened at first, but the situation was bad, so he killed the doctor. But he knows the doctor is right, as his medicine turns him into a powerful monster. He began to lust after people and eat them without realizing it.

But he couldn’t go swimming in the sun because the sun would burn him. He looked into the doctor’s study and realized he wanted a blue lily spider, but he didn’t know how to find it. He regretted killing the doctor who knew him. Since then he has been searching for a flower or beast that could provide protection against sunlight. Now that he saw Nezuko, he didn’t need to create a demon.

How is everyone getting to Nezuko?

Returning to the Swordsman Village, Tokito attacks Tanjiro, who is carrying him on his back. You, Bean, and the two boys are happy for each other. Tokito thanks him for his help and is confused by Tanjiro’s new friend when Tokito also asks about the status of your beans. They were interrupted by an angry Haganezuka, who questioned the 300-year-old sword. Tanjiro is unsure and Tatsuka threatens to break his sword.

Tanjiro lets Nezuko run and Tatsuka runs after them. The group tries to stop them because their swords are bad. Mitsuri also ran and hugged everyone because she was happy that they won. Nezuko says she is very happy and Mitsuri is surprised that she can say that. He hugged Nezuko because he was happy that she was okay.

Was Tamashiro successful in Nezuko’s treatment?

Meanwhile, Tamayo thanks Tanjiro for taking the blood of the twelve Kizuki and Nezuko, as this will help her find a cure. He tells her that the last monster Wuzan created escaped his control because of Nezuko’s blood. He needs to drink some blood to survive.

Netzuka’s blood changes, but Tamashiro wonders why he can’t turn back into a human. He thought Nezuko was interested in something other than human nature. He predicted that Nezuko would be able to resist the sun in the future, which actually happened.

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