Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 English Dub

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 Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 

The seventh episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, titled ‘Horrible Villain’, begins with Tanjiro chasing Han Tenga until he finally catches up and slits his throat. He was almost done when a new clone appeared: the Clone of Hate, aka Zohakuten. Tanjiro quickly tried to kill Han Tenga, but the hate clone got to him. Genya tried to help but failed because Tanjiro was in her line of fire. Hatred finally emerges and Tanjiro is crushed by the appearance of a giant snake. Nezuko saved him, but a snake bit his leg.

When he slowly returns, the powerful hate clone reveals itself to him. Tanjiro notices that the other clones are missing, and Genya fills in the gaps. Fearing that Tanjiro would succeed, Sekito suddenly absorbed all the remaining clones and transformed into Zoroute. The clones hide Hantenga inside the snake before Tanjiro or Genya attacks. Tanjiro tried to stop him, but just like that look, he stopped the two assassins from breathing. His presence weakens them, leaves them immobile. He called them bad people because they caused trouble for weak people like Hantengu.

Tanjiro thought that Hantengu was not weak because he and his clones had absorbed hundreds of weaklings. He summoned a hate clone for his own evil and prepared to attack. Zang Tiantian said that he had not harmed himself, so he had no reason to kill. Tanjiro says that family isn’t the only reason to help others, so they are conflicted.

Currently, Shiren is still detained in the water prison. Gyokko was pleased with this image and gushes out from his creative trappings. Wanting to know what people were hiding at home, he went to investigate. At this time, Zhu Wu realized that he only had enough breath left to deliver the final blow, but his sword was broken. He is depressed and needs someone to help him. Just then he sees Tanjiro, who says that it is uncertain what will happen in the future. He knew Tanjiro never said that and wondered if it was someone else’s memory.

According to Okja, he went to the tent where Kanamori was hiding with his sword. He tried to kill but was easily injured by the sink. Tamako wonders what Kanamori is guarding and sees Hazuka polishing a 300-year-old sword. She was focused on her work, not Okja. This angered the demon, who was jealous of his concentration. He attacked him, but even though he was bleeding, Tatsuka did not stop. Enraged, Yuhu continued until the gunman’s mask fell off, but he did not stop. Hazuka wondered why the swordsman only wrote one letter instead of his name and wondered how much thought had gone into creating such a powerful sword. This is difficult for Tamako because she knows she can easily kill Hazuka. But with that initial pride, he now wanted to disappoint the swordsman.

Outside, Tokito’s vision begins to blur as he runs out of air. Yume Tanjiro tells her not to give up because someone is coming to save her. At that time, people said that no one could save him because everyone was weak. He was supposed to be strong, but he underestimated himself. Just then, Kotetsu appears and begins stabbing the prisoner. Tokito coldly tells him that there is no point and that he should run for safety with all his swords. Just then, a fish soldier attacked and injured the boy. Tokito begs him to escape, but Kotetsu does not as he tries to help Hashira.

Even though he was injured, he didn’t understand why the boy was trying to save him. However, this time Kotetsu buried his face into the cage and hurt Tokito. Yume Tanjiro shares the ultimate wisdom ── Whatever you give to others, they give back to you. He becomes a person from Tokita’s past and adds that people gain strength when they need to help others. Renewed, Tokito resists and escapes from prison. When he woke up, he remembered that the man was his father and that he had the same red eyes as Tanjiro.

In the epilogue, while Tanjiro is searching for Haganezuka, it is shown that the swordsman is working secretly. Kotetsu demands to know why, and Hazuka says that his killer risked his life, so there’s more pressure on him to give him the perfect sword. The boy then reveals that the sword the warrior used to chase Tanjira was made by Haganezuka. He’s too smart and she’s afraid to cook with him, so there’s no point. Angry Haganezuka heard this and started chasing the boy with him.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 Review

Demon Slayer: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba returns to where it started in Episode 7. It’s full of action, introspection, and adventures of all kinds. This part of thinking is the thinking of the mind. First of all, we need to talk about hate clones and their abilities. Being able to release an assassin’s energy without moving makes them a formidable foe.

Tell Tatsuka that it’s wrong to focus solely on his appearance in a life-or-death situation. We see his face for the first time as he works on his sword. His determination could make him a good assassin if he wanted to.

Outside, we see poor Tokito fighting with himself, his cold nature clashing with his memories of Kocher sacrificing himself. Also, not only do his father and Tanjiro say the same words, but they are also similar, so it’s not too much to think they’d be related.

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