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 Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Bond of Brother and Sister

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Brother and Sister’s Bond (鬼き滅めつの刃やいば兄きょう妹だいの絆きずな Kimetsu no Yaiba: Kiyōharets is not an adaptation of Gozu’aniba: Kiyōhardai) u no Yaiba by Ufotable. The film consists of the first 5 episodes of the TV anime adaptation. A special screening was held on March 29, 2019 at Shinjuku Wald 9, Tokyo.


From ancient times, rumors of man-eating demons lurking in the forests abounded. For this reason, the local townspeople never go out at night. Legend has it that a demon slayer also roams the night hunting these bloodthirsty demons. For young Tanjiro Kamado, these rumors soon become his harsh reality. Since his father’s death, Tanjiro decided to support his family. Although their lives may be complicated by tragedy, they have found happiness. But this fleeting warmth is shattered one day when Tanjiro finds his family slaughtered and the lone survivor, his sister Nezuko Kamado, transformed into a demon. However, to his surprise, Nezuko still shows signs of human emotion and thought. Thus begins Tanjiro’s journey to find the demon that killed their family and turn his sister back into a human.


Original Story: Koyoharu Gotoge

Animation studio: ufotable

Directed by Haruo Sotozaki

Character Design: Akira Matsushima

Script: ufotable

Supporting Character Design: Yoko Kajiyama, Mika Kikuchi, Miyuki Sato

Concept Art: Koji Eto, Yuri Kabasawa, Kasumi Takeuchi, Masaru Yanaka

Director of Photography: Yuichi Terao

3D direction: Kazuki Nishiwaki

Color settings: Yuko Omae

Editing: Manabu Kamino

Music: Yuki Kajiura, Go Shiina


Natsuki Hanae as Tanjiro Kamado

Akari Kitō as Nezuko Kamado

Hiro Shimono as Zenitsu Agatsuma

Takahiro Sakurai as Giyu Tomioka

Hōchū Ōtsuka as Sakonji Urokodaki

Yūki Kaji as Sabito

Ai Kakuma as Makomo

Daisuke Namikawa as Hotaru Haganezuka

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