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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12 Summary:

In Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12, Tanjiro and his friends arrive at their next destination, the Yoshiwara Red Light District, in search of their next target. There, they encounter a mysterious woman named Tengen Uzui, who is also a demon slayer and the Sound Hashira. Tengen enlists Tanjiro and his friends to help him investigate a string of disappearances in the district, which he believes may be linked to demons.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12 introduces a new arc and new characters while continuing to build on the world and lore of the series. The introduction of Tengen Uzui and the Yoshiwara Red Light District adds new depth to the series and sets up an intriguing mystery for our heroes to solve. The animation and art continue to be top-notch, with the attention to detail in the setting and character designs adding to the immersion of the story. The episode’s pacing is well-balanced, with the introduction of new characters and plot points feeling natural and not rushed. However, some viewers may find the episode’s tonal shifts to be jarring, as the series shifts from the intense action of the Mugen Train arc to the more subdued mystery of the Yoshiwara Red Light District. Nevertheless, the episode’s cliffhanger ending leaves viewers eager to see what happens next and builds anticipation for the upcoming episodes. Overall, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12 is a solid entry in the series that sets up a new arc and new characters while maintaining the high-quality animation and storytelling that fans have come to expect.

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12

Stumbling into the housetops, Tengen arrives at the Kirimise part of Yoshiwara. He rapidly sees his oblivious spouse Hinatsuru, actually limited by devilish bands. He removes them and gives Hinatsuru a cure to assist with recuperating her as she is sorry. She expresses that she thought Warabihime to be an evil presence yet that she before long became dubious of her as well. She had savored poison request to take off from the Kyogoku house, just for a belt that had been gifted by Warabihime to keep her from reaching Tengen.

Hinatsuru discreetly requests that he leave her and fight the evil presence, having heard the fight. At the point when he inquires as to whether she will be OK, Hinatsuru quietly replies before apologizes for being of no utilization. Tengen quiets her and educate her to leave Yoshiwara the second the antitoxin works, to which Hinatsuru goes along.

He jumps across the housetops of the locale to filter for an evil spirit; he hears something and locates its situation, drawing near to the ground and identifying an underground fight. He unsheathes his cutting edges and uses Sound Breathing, First Structure: Thunder, causing an enormous blast. The shockwave is heard by Daki. Irritated at another impedance, she requests Tanjiro the number of from them are there, to which he will not reply.

She offers to save his life assuming he replies, noticing that their short conflict had previously harmed his Nichirin Sword. Hearing her false Haganezuka’s craftsmanship, he repels her cases and proclaims he is astounding. Another blasts shakes the region, making Daki develop more irritated and pronounce she will rather kill him. Acknowledging inferior use makes swords get harm, Tanjiro concedes his body isn’t appropriate for Water Breathing and acknowledges he is essentially more grounded utilizing Hinokami Kagura.

He reviews a snapshot of preparing in the Butterfly Chateau. As Inosuke fights with Zenitsu, Zenitsu inquires as to whether he could somewhat stifle his fierceness, to which Inosuke claims keeping down is no real way to prepare. Abruptly, they hear Tanjiro endeavoring to prepare with Hinokami Kagura. However he effectively plays out the Structure 4Dance, swinging again to attempt Clear Blue Sky harms him enormously, making him drop his blade and breakdown. As his companions rush over to his guide, Tanjiro inside voices that he can’t cut persistently because of its sheer power.

Presently confronting Daki, he commits himself into utilizing it. Recollecting Kyojuro’s words to “set your heart burning”. Tanjiro swings at Daki’s coming obi and performs Hinokami Kagura: Seething Sun. She becomes alarmed by the abrupt change and understands his abilities have quite recently honed. Tanjiro charges towards the Upper Position and uses Fire Dance, barely missing her neck. Daki fights back by cutting her obi through his throat, just for the Evil presence Slayer to disappear out of nowhere. She forgets about him as he had utilized Hinokami Kagura: Counterfeit Rainbow. He detects the Initial String at her neck and uses the Hinokami Kagura: Fire Wheel; Daki responds in time and smacks him away with her obi.

Out of nowhere, his body feels the weariness of utilizing different Hinokami Kagura structures and Tanjiro breakdowns. Seeing him on the ground, Daki surges towards him, hauling her obi to destroy him. He rapidly utilizes Recuperation Breathing, developing the fortitude to repel the assault and escapes. She sends numerous obi at him and he frantically obstructs the blows, understanding the mind-boggling assaults are keeping him from managing a perfect strike. He deduces he really wants to raise his internal heat level and takes in the style of Hinokami Kagura.

Already, Kiyo had stressed over his climbing temperature and genuinely thinks that counseling Shinobu to be the right measure. Tanjiro attempts to quiet her down and claims he is okay. Kiyo noticed his temperature is 100.4° Fahrenheit, having been so for the beyond two days. She starts to cry and claims that since something should be off-base, just Shinobu can help him. Understanding his demolishing condition is disturbing Kiyo, Tanjiro states that it is just when he has a fever that he perform at his best and implores her not to tell Shinobu for just somewhat longer. Kiyo yields and permits him to not bring down his fever.

Tanjiro steps back and understands his internal heat level is without a doubt rising, giving him the inspiration to utilize his Hinokami Kagura once more.

In the Ogimito house, a young lady shouts about a beast hog inside, to the bewilderment of her friends. At that point, Inosuke ejects out from the flooring planks, frightening them. He tears an opening in the floor and spots a hold driving underground, however it is just little enough for just his head.

Unfaltering, he separates the joints in his body and crawls down the passage, arriving at a chamber covered with bones and canvassed in obi; the bands containing Daki’s casualties. He understands individuals inside them are as yet alive, prior to detecting Zenitsu’s picture on one of them. Just them, a conscious obi stands up to him for entering the chamber. It assaults Inosuke and compels him to guard the approaching blows.

He slices the obi and unwittingly liberates individuals inside them. Unfit to manage his dangerously sharp instinct and sharp detects, the obi ends briefly and attempts to design something. It hears Daki’s voice, training it to catch him for his appearance, adding it might kill everybody except the ten most gorgeous individuals. The obi speeds towards Inosuke, who swings his blades to cut it. Startlingly, it wriggles when his cutting edges contact, forestalling great contact. Once more, he attempts and uses Monster Breathing, 6th Structure: Palisade Chomp yet neglects to cut it. The obi chooses to retake individuals he liberated, causing him to understand that he really wants to fight it and safeguard its casualties simultaneously.

Unexpectedly, blades fly from behind him and stop the scarves, tossed by Makio and Suma. The two cut the scarves up however the fight is slowed down somewhat by Suma’s weakness and Makio lashing out at her in irritation. Discovering that the primary body of the evil presence isn’t close by, Inosuke understands the fight probably won’t end. To his shock, Zenitsu shows up and utilizes Thunder Breathing, First Structure: Thunderbolt and Glimmer, Sixfold, speeding around the chamber and cutting various scarves immediately.

Irritated by the presence of another Devil Slayer, the obi recollects that it heard two unmistakable commotions, one being Zenitsu’s assault. It understands past the point of no return that the subsequent sound is from a higher place, as a blast ejects from the highest point of the chamber’s roof. To the help of everybody inside, Tengen rises up out of the residue cloud and surges around the chamber, cutting every one of the leftover scarves quickly. Tengen apologizes to his spouses for being late and talks about his alleviation in seeing them. Makio reviews that Tengen already wasn’t like he is currently and recalls her past.

As a kunoichi among other shinobi, kicking the bucket never frightened her since she expected to be killed and she prepared to give her life in fight. At the point when Tengen initially met them three, he promptly taught them to contemplate their lives, to the shock of the young ladies. Most importantly, their need is to get back to him. To Tengen, how they ought to carry on with their lives is first about them, second is being deferential residents and thirdly is zeroing in on him.

Furthermore, to himself, however he knows to safeguard the general population as an Evil presence Slayer, he puts them three as more vital to him. Incapable to accept what he is talking about, Makio converses with Hinatsuru about his recommendation, as far as she might be concerned goes against their profession. Hinatsuru consoles her that assuming Tengen is happy with it, she is as well.

Tengen methodologies them and energetically taps their heads, commending their work as “ostentatious” and glad that, “You are my spouses, OK”. Makio destroys and Suma boisterously moans after acknowledging Tengen loves them. He ostentatiously turns his swords in a showcase of expertise and declares, “Beginning now, things will get truly showy!”.

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